14 June, 2015


It's like Christmas day around here!

I love when the fruits of my loins start producing.

And by that, I mean, we have broccoli!

13 June, 2015

Old Fashion Doughnuts

The fiance wanted doughnuts.

Because his birthday is coming up and I have a tendency to celebrate the entire month instead of just one day (or maybe I just celebrate my own birthday during the entire month) I happily obliged in whipping up a batch of homemade old fashion doughnuts!

12 June, 2015


We have squash!

Just a quick update that we have our first squash of the season growing on one of our squash plants!

06 June, 2015

Laying Eggs

My girls are about 5 months old and *should* start laying eggs soon. We're crossing our fingers that it'll be within the next month as egg prices are rumored to go up and we tend to eat a lot of eggs since we're both on a paleo-like diet (like meaning I sometimes LOVE a good loaf--er...piece of bread).

Any who, we eat a lot of eggs and I'm ready for my girls to start giving back and contributing to the family (because the cats contribute sooooo much).

Some of the research I've done said to put some golf balls in the coop to help the girls know where they should be laying their eggs. Well we already had a bunch of ping-pong balls so I figured those would be just as useful.

Set up in the coop! 

05 June, 2015

Harvesting Time!

It's finally time to harvest some of the fruit (vegetables actually) of our hard labor in the garden the past several months. Since we planted several different types of vegetables at several different times throughout February/March, our plants will be on a rolling basis of harvest.

The last several weeks the peas gave us a great harvest and are now starting to die as the heat of the South finally set in for the summer.

Sad summer peas