15 February, 2014


Having inspections done on a house that you’re buying is quite terrifying. You’ve hired someone to go into every crack and crevice that you will be responsible for and find every miniscule detail of what is wrong with it.

I would describe it as having a child and believing that when that child is born that it is perfect and beautiful and can do no wrong, which of course every mother thinks about their children and this house is kind of like my child at this point.

So, I have this perfect child and then I've gone to my most honest friend, who of course always tells me the truth no matter what, and asked that friend to tell me what they think about my child and, of course, instead of lying and saying my child is beautiful like everyone else has said, this friend proceeds to point out every flaw that my child has and then hands me a big ole’ bill for their words of wisdom. 

Sigh, if only child bearing could be easier. 

05 February, 2014

Welcome Home!


Recently, I bought my first home (yay!) and it is quite the fixer upper! 

First, let me explain the whirlwind adventure that searching for a house (which is probably not as whirlwind as it sounds) has been. 

It started several months ago when I was browsing Pinterest and saw all of these cute (what I consider cute) home improvement ideas that other women were doing to their homes. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I didn't want to continue renting an apartment for the rest of my life. I wanted to buy my own house to do cute home improvements to!