17 January, 2015

A New Year!

Ahhh, 2015, we made it another year!

2014 held many new adventures for my life. I was able to buy a house, adopted a dog and became engaged to a wonderful man! 2015 is going to have a lot of living up to do in order to beat that, but I have a feeling it will come through for me.

With this new year, one of my resolutions is going to be actively working on my blog. I firmly believe that writing is a wonderful outlet for so many things in life, including boredom.

Not to say that I'm bored by any means (I actually have a problem with saying 'no' to volunteering for things which often gets me into an overworked frenzy) but I do find myself at times sitting in front of the television mindlessly engorging myself in Netflix because I'm...bored?