15 April, 2015

Super Easy Herb Garden

*Updated Pictures at bottom!*

I'm not ashamed to say that the fiance and I have done our fair share of dumpster diving.

Yes, that's right!

I've gone into (well watched mostly) a dumpster and retrieved items that I think are still usable.

One of those items happened to be a pallet that was of no use to the store anymore but that we saw potential in.

Here is said pallet:

A thing of beauty!

While we were picking up supplies for the chicken coop I grabbed some plastic guttering for two purposes. 1 - to put gutters on the chicken coop and reduce the water flow into our neighbors yard (our backyard slopes into their backyard which is terraced down to their house) and 2 - for this handy little herb garden. 

The first thing the fiance did was cut down the guttering to fit the length of the pallet. This was easily done with a jigsaw (any saw will do). Don't you like our fancy work area? That itself is a future project...

After cutting down the pieces, the fiance drilled holes on the bottom of the guttering to allow for water to leak through. 

Then we stationed them on the pallet so that they were evenly spaced. 

Once they were positioned, we drilled several screws through the guttering into the thickest parts of the pallet (left, center, right). 

I had to hold the guttering open AND take photos and was asked to stop *smiles*.

For the sides, I was concerned about dirt falling out, so we cut down extra pieces of wood and installed them to the edges. 

When we were finished, the fiance drilled it into the tree we leaned it against for extra stability. Its also tornado season so we didn't want it to fall over in a storm. 

Then we filled it with dirt, added our herbs, and sat back and enjoyed! 


Here are some updated pictures of what our herb garden currently looks like. The plants have definitely taken off and LOVE the layout. These pictures were taken in between storms that were coming through our region.