15 April, 2015

Super Easy Herb Garden

*Updated Pictures at bottom!*

I'm not ashamed to say that the fiance and I have done our fair share of dumpster diving.

Yes, that's right!

I've gone into (well watched mostly) a dumpster and retrieved items that I think are still usable.

One of those items happened to be a pallet that was of no use to the store anymore but that we saw potential in.

Here is said pallet:

11 April, 2015

Building the Chicken Coop: Part III

We're reaching the end of our chicken coop building journey! If you'd like to read about the first two parts of the journey, you can go here and here. We actually finished the coop a couple weeks ago but I'm just now getting the last bit updated!

Materials Used:

OSB Sheathing @4'x8'
Cheapest exterior siding we could get
1 - 1"x2"
1 pack of vinyl flooring
Lots of screws

Total Cost of Coop (once its all said and done) - 350-400ish

We cut down all the siding to fit the framing we'd set up and screwed it all in.

09 April, 2015

Building the Chicken Coop: Part II

Previously, I blogged about the begginings of our chicken coop. You can read about it here.

Once we finished the base of the coop, we began on the framing.

To build the framing we bought these:

14-ish - 2x4@6ft
4 - 2x4 @5ish feet
1 - 2x2@8ft
1 - 16" board (for hen house flooring)
1 - Fiber/Asphalt Roof Panel
2.5" nails
3" nails

Total spent so far: 250ish

Okay, so on to building the frame!