01 January, 2017

Hiatus Over

Wow, the last year and a half have had so many changes (both joyous and heartbreaking) for our family. I left the blog rather rapidly after getting married when life caught up to us in our house and am just now returning to it --deeming the hiatus over!

The past year and a half have brought a lot of ups and downs in our life. Some of the ups have been my new sister-in-law who married my brother back in March.

Another very big joy for my family was the birth of my son in June. My birth story in general was very traumatic and scary thanks to an inverted uterine which almost resulted in me losing my life. Thankfully, both myself and our son are well and healthy. I'll be writing a post about this later as I've found that the more I speak about it the more comfortable and at peace I am.

Not only did I have my first baby but my sister had her sixth! My sweet nephew was born one week before my own baby. We love that they are instant best friends and will get to grow up together!

As I said, some very heartbreaking tragedy also hit our family. This past summer we lost my almost two-year-old nephew, Jack, to an accidental drowning. It has been very hard on our family to have lost him but has also brought about healing for many wounds that had been opened. We've come together closer as a family and love each other more fiercely than before. We miss him everyday and will always think about him smiling down on us.

I believe that this new year will bring many exciting and challenging experiences for my family. As we continue to heal from the loss of Jack, I hope that we will be able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds our family and home. I'm excited to blog again and hope you'll enjoy reading about all of the wonderful things that we will accomplish this year.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!