02 September, 2015

Alaska: Hoonah

Our first day at port was in the town of Hoonah where we had a whale watching expedition booked. The town itself was super small but had gorgeous scenery (seriously, everything in Alaska is gorgeous!). 

We booked our whale watching expedition with Icy Strait Whale Adventures which is a locally run tour. I'm all for supporting local businesses and as we tried to book with them as much as possible! I'm exceedingly happy that we got this tour as well!

The pricing was very fair and we were out on the water for several hours -- longer than originally planned. The tour is smaller than those offered by the cruise and besides the husband and I there was only one other family---of 11 people. Who's counting right? Still, thirteen people is much better than the 30+ that some of the other boats were taking.

After spending time with a pod of humpback whales, we heard about some orcas that were in the vicinity and went after them! The husband got some amazing photos with his phone and I used the binoculars the entire time. Originally we were going to use my Canon but the memory card got removed during the wedding excitement and was accidentally left at home. Nothing like having a giant paper weight on a vacation!

After whale watching, we decided to spontaneously go zip-lining! The zip line at Hoonah is the tallest in the world, standing at 1300ft! 

Looking down from the zipline

Yes, I wore goggles! It was a great choice too because it was really rainy!

The Husband and I are both big fans of food (who isn't?!?) and for dinner that night we feasted!

Our next day was spent gold panning in Juneau!